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Lee Priest Workout and Diet

Lee Priest Chest Workout

Lee Priest loves to lift. And lift heavy. His chest routine remains fairly constant: "My pressing movements use reps in the six-to-eight range, with four or five sets of each exercise with ascending weight. The only thing that really changes is the order of the lifts (except for the cable flyes, which function as a warmup and my first exercise)."
What determines that
changing order? "It's a feel," says Lee, and "whoever else might be using the equipment..." Yep, even the most famous pros have to deal with that reality.

Cable Flyes

The only exercise in Lee's chest regimen that always stays in order: first, as a warmup for the area, and then to heavy work. It's also the only exception to his chest routine rep range: he'll do 15 to 20 reps in each of four sets, after warmup sets.

Incline Presses

's third set, is eight reps, done at 315 pounds. He'll up it another 20 to 40 pounds for his final set of six reps.

Dumbell Presses

Lee inclines the bench slightly, using the second or third elevation notch, because it doesn't cause as much pain to his injured shoulders.

Hammer Machine Bench Press

The final exercise for his chest.

Lee Priest On His Off Seasion Diet

"People always say KFC because I eat so much of it, but I like any foods, hamburgers, corn dogs, McDonalds. It's not really like I have a favorite, I also eat Chinese and other foods. But people always bring up KFC. At KFC, I like the drumsticks, mashed potatoes and gravy, and coleslaw. I think the best is a big bucket of 21 drumsticks."

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